Treasures of cuban world heritage

Christopher Columbus, when contemplating the clear waters and the exuberance of Cuba stated: “it is the most beautiful piece of earth human eyes have ever seen”. But Cuba is much more than beautiful landscapes, being the country in the Caribbean region that has the biggest amount of sites declared as heritage by the UNESCO. The sites are classified in the following categories: monuments and historical sites, here of exceptional value; natural treasures -in Cuba unique geological formations where the greatest amount of endemic species of fauna and flora in the region, live-; the monuments where human and nature actions intervene together; and finally, extraordinary traditions and cultural expressions which come from the mixture of their multiple people. This exhibition , curated by Marga Crespo, shows the value of these treasures in an enjoyable and didactic way thanks to two photographers: Raul Abreu, from Cuba, and Elisabeth Eguia, from Spain, and it has been honoured with the support and supervision of the Cuban National Council of Cultural Heritage.