The cultural Colours of Morocco

Los Colores Culturales de Marruecos

The Cultural Colours of Morocco is part of a global project based on an unprecedented research about the meaning and the historic origin of colours and natural pigments in our neighbouring country. It was carried out by Marga Crespo, Elisabeth Eguia and Francesca Valan. This research invites the reader to get to know Moroccan craftwork, history, art and culture through the same theme leitmotiv: colour…The project includes the edition of a book-catalogue in Spanish and Arabic, a photograph exhibition of pictures taken by Elisabeth Eguia with the collaboration of Juan García Galvez and Ines Eléxpuru, and several parallel activities such as: guided visits, conferences and workshops. One of the main activities has been a training programme aimed to improve products elaborated by Moroccan artisans from different regions. This initiative has received funds from the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID), as well as the support of prestigious organizations and institutions both from Spain and Morocco.

These are the places where this project has been exhibited:


Rabat, Morocco: “Bab el Kebir” Gallery, Kasbah of the Oudayas, UNESCO Human Heritage,
Collaborating institutions: AECID, Spanish Embassy in Morocco, the Moroccan Ministry of Culture, the Foundation of Islamic Culture (FUNCI), the Moroccan Ministry of Crafts, the Cervantes Institute in Rabat and the ONA Foundation.


Seville, Spain: The Three Cultures Foundation
Collaborating institutions: AECID, Three Cultures Foundation, Ministère Charge des Marocains résidant à l’étranger et des Affaires de la Migration du Maroc and the Andalusian Council.


Cordova, Spain: The Living Library of Al-Andalus
Collaborating institutions: AECID,The Living Library of Al-Andalus, Paradigma Foundation from Cordova and Montilla Moriles Quality Label.


Grenade, Spain: The Legado Andalusí Foundation, The al-Andalus and Science Pavilion in the Science Park of Grenade.
Collaborating institutions: AECID, The Legado Andalusí Foundation and the Andalusian Council


Casablanca, Morocco: The Cervantes Institute
Collaborating institutions: AECID and the Cervantes Institute in Casablanca


Madrid Barajas, Spain.
Collaborating institutions: AECID, Madrid Barajas Town Hall.


Getafe (Madrid), Spain. Espacio Mercado.
Collaborating institutions: AECID, City of Getafe Town Hall, GISA-Getafe Iniciatives, Casa Arabe, the Hispanic-Arab Association for Development and Culture and La Medina Association, among others.


Villalba (Madrid), Spain. Miguel Hernández Library.
Collaborating institutions: AECID, Villalba Town Hall and the Hispanic-Arab Association for Development and Culture.


San Sebastián (Guipúzcoa), Spain. Lugaritz Cultural Centre.
Collaborating institutions: AECID, San Sebastian/Donostia Town Hall and “donostiaKultura”.