Folklore from Brittany

El folcklore de la Bretaña

Living heritage of the Breton textile handwork, the women’s traditional costumes are characterized by their great variety of designs and forms, standing out its fine embroidery elaborated with bright colours over dark backgrounds. As Breton identity bearers, there are many local artists who maintain alive this “savoir faire” tercentenary. INNOVARTE carried out a research aimed to preserve and document this traditional art.
The Breton women’s traditional costume differs in design, form and colour depending on the area it comes from. Each village or small region has its own costume, adding up, thus, to the great diversity of colours and styles.
One of the most relevant features is the bonnet, worn together with women’s costumes. As it happens with the dress, they differ one from the other and all of them are charming, but the Begouden country ones have a special relevance as they are 33 cm high. Tradition tells that these hear-nets, the highest in Brittany, show the Breton rebel character, more than the women’ coquetry.