Easter in Cadiz, Spain

La Semana Santa de Cádiz

Cádiz, one of the oldest and most beautiful western cities, is known overseas for its amusing Carnival, exponent of their inhabitants’ wit and charm. This cheerful celebration turns into inner recollection and tradition 40 days after, at Easter.
Easter in Cadiz is less known than the one in Seville and other Spanish cities, but it is of impressive beauty. The most refined handwork decorates the old Easter statues together with magnificent embroideries, wooden pieces, silversmithing and delicates candles.
The photographs by Elisabeth Eguia illustrated a research about traditional handicrafts in Cadiz and other Andalusian cities, as INNOVARTE always considers these crafts an inspiration source. This is due to the old cultures that inhabited the Iberian Peninsula, which had a leading role in history from the Roman age to the discovery of America, going through the long
al-Andalus period.