Ouezzane Textile Cluster

Tejido de Ouezzane

The Ouezzane textile sub-sector employs more than 700 people, distributed in 2 big manual trades: on the one hand, spinning, activity carried out only by women; and, on the other, weaving, elaborated by men on treadles looms. Tailors also belong to these artisan communities, they are the ones who created the famous: “Djellaba Ouezzania”, and also, the “Bourchmen”, or braids craftmen.
In order to solve the big quality problems and limitations in the existing products at that moment, the Moroccan Ministry of Crafts employed INNOVARTE in 2007 to work on a new innovative collection where we integrated all the different links of the productive chain.
The results were considered remarkable and generated a great variety of new modern typologies of products. The second part of this project was the creation of the Ouezzane Textile Cluster.